What is the Scenery Config Editor?

It's a utility for editing your Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 and Microsoft Flight Simulator X scenery.cfg files.

Why is this better than using the FSX editor or other editors?

There are multiple new additional features included in this program, including the ability to create groups, automatic detection of some errors, automatic fixing of other errors, abilities to add areas in bulk, drag-and-drop functionality... and many more. Further, it's open source.

Does anyone else have anything to say?

This utility is designed to enable easier editing of your flightsim scenery configuration (.cfg) file. It was developed to allow the grouping of scenery areas to enable your flightsim to run with only the scenery areas you require for that particular flight. This will allow flightsim to allocate more resources to running the program by minimising the amount of scenery enabled. It is hoped this will also improve loading times, but this has not been fully tested.

The marker system allows easier identification of scenery's that have been installed incorrectly, and improves the functionality of any editing. We hope you find this handy program useful.

Kev Smith BAW044

Open source, under what license?

This software is licensed under the GPL v2 with Classpath exception. You can find the source-code and latest releases of this software at:


Support, bug and feature request trackers can also be found there. New file are released at:


I really like this and want to give you some money

Really?! Thanks, you can donate some British Pounds or US Dollars to my paypal account here: Donate