Here is where the new functionality begins.

By default all scenery is ungrouped. You probably want to create a Basic Scenery group which comprises of all fs initial base scenery. The simplest way to do this is to highlight all the basic scenery using either SHIFT-clicks or CTRL-clicks to highlight multiple areas. Once you've selected them click Add to Group. Call this group ZZZ_Basic_Scenery, this helps differentiate it from all other groups. You would normally want this group enabled, so don't put any scenery in here that should not be always on, and if you've missed some scenery out you can always either drag that in to the group or use the add to group function again.

Looking at what is left, you may decide that you want to create groups for common flight plans or just simply do groups by country. Sceneries can be added to multiple groups; I would recommend you don't add any of the basic sceneries to any others though. Again, you can drag these sceneries into a new group, or use the add to group button.

Once created, groups allow one to enable or disable all of the contained areas with clicks to the group tickbox. Groups which are only partially enabled will have solid tickboxes; clicking on these will enable all their areas (Ticked tickbox); clicking once more will disable all of the areas (Empty tickbox.) It is not possible to disable required areas.

Similar to the List View above, you can search for sceneries using find, however, note that currently group view does not search on path name. Markers are also shown for areas that have had one set.