On the actions menu there are a few bulk functions.

The first of these is Generate from directory. This allows one to choose a directory and scan it looking for scenery directories. If any are found, and they are not currently listed within your scenery.cfg file they will be added at priority 1 within a new group. You should use this functionality to search a common library directory for subdirectories containing sceneries. For example; if you store your scenery within separate folders within the Addon Scenery folder this tool allows you search for these. You can also use this to search the flight simulator folder itself.

Please note this will take a long time on large directory structures. Don't do this on the root folder of C:  !

Another action is the Normalize local paths action. This removes any reference to your flight simulator directory within scenery config file. This is important if you are using a networked setup with certain utilities. For example, if you have a scenery listed with the path “C:\Flight Simulator 9\Rabbits” and “C:\Flight Simulator 9” is the flight sim directory this will be normalized to just “Rabbits”. (This has been a repeating issue...)

Expand Paths prefixes the flight simulator directory to all relative paths within the scenery config file. In some ways it can be thought of as the reverse of normalize, however aliases are kept unchanged.

Fix duplicate area numbers is a more technical action and one I would only recommend you use if you delete SCENERY.DAT files too. I have provided this action to help fix very confused scenery.cfg files where multiple areas have been given the same area number. It's not something that happens often, but the clean up is complex enough that this is required.

Add defaults to areas – Only relevant for the Text editor. The list view and group view do this automatically.

Delete DAT files Flight Simulator caches the contents of the scenery directories using these files. Sometimes these caches become out-of-date and cause errors. It is unknown, but suspected, that these files are somehow related to the Area Number in the scenery.cfg and it is recommended that if you start changing area numbers you should delete these files. (Flight Simulator will rebuild deleted files on start-up.)

Reset Area and Layer numbers and Reorder the file Some users have requested this function in order to rebuild the .cfg so that Area and Layer Numbers match and are ordered in ascending order within the file. Be aware that this function can have drastic effects if Flight Simulator is caching it's indexes, and it is suspected that you should delete the SCENERY.DAT files if you run this. If at this point, things do not turn out as expected, you will have to seek advice from other quarters. We cannot offer technical support for an MSFS initiated routine. (In much earlier versions of this editor a similar function was implemented, FS9 did not like that version at all. There were other bugs in that version but, it made the programmer extremely cautious about changing area numbers. Please, please backup your files if you want to use this! Until we know this is safe we cannot guarantee that FS will not barf on this and replace your scenery.cfg with a blank default.)